This is our third seasonless collection, inspired by memories of my grandmother and her ways of taking care to restore or repurpose the clothes and textiles that she owned. My grandmother played a vital role in my upbringing as a child, and taught me many important lessons. She had a habit of attempting to mend something at least twice before deciding to discard it. These values have stayed with me and allowed me to translate them into Her Clo.Lab.

For Release III, we have sourced fabrics from not only different moments in time, but different parts of the world. From fabric used as a curtain at a children’s theatre, to a blanket centrepiece made by Vietnam’s hill tribes, these textiles date back to the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. In creating these garments, we’ve taken care to use every scrap of fabric available, continuing our core mission of sustainability and a circularity.