Zero-waste and circularity

HER CLO.LAB. is a handcrafted clothing project, situated on Gadigal land.

Our pieces of clothing are one of a kind or made to order, using only remnant, vintage or antique materials. 

HER CLO.LAB's design model is based on ideas of circular economy. We are working with existing resources, instead of using virgin materials. Our collections consist of one of a kind, season-less pieces and made to order garments. Each garment is designed and made locally in Sydney, Australia, by our small team of talented makers. During the process of the making of each garment we save majority of the fabric off cuts, which then can be reused in patchworks and other designs. 

Below are few steps we take towards zero waste and circularity production: 

  • Working only with existing textiles 
  • Re-imagine, re-design and transform garments that already exist, by connecting creativity and sustainability. A lot of the time we deconstruct an existing vintage garment to then reuse the material in the new design. 
  • Utilising small left over fabrics to make accessories like tote bags
  • Utilising smallest fabric scraps in quilting
  • Incorporating zero-waste pattern making, where possible